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Transcript: A Member’s Experience with an Aetna Clinician


Harold: I credit Kristin for me being as happy as I am today.


Kristin: One of the reasons I love being an InTouch Care nurse is that we take care of all our members with the same member-centric, holistic viewpoint that comes with the InTouch Care program.


Harold: When I got that cancer, she gave me confidence to succeed - to get through this. She got me over the hump.


Kristin: Hi Harold. What medication do you want to start with?


Harold: She helped me with the medicines and explaining exactly what they were going to do. And how they were going to work.


Kristin: Are you having any trouble getting it from your pharmacy?


Harold: What makes this relationship valuable is because it was someone who honestly cared.


Harold: At an early age I was introduced to physical fitness. If you keep your body healthy and strong, you keep your spirit healthy and strong.


Harold: Martha and I, we’re gym rats. We met in the gym and we never left the gym. Martha would always say, “Babe, you can do this.” And pairing off with Kristin …


Kristin: So what do you think you'd be able to work towards…


Harold: ...yes, this can be done. You can defeat this. So the two of them, it was like being in the gym with Ali, the left and the right, the left and the right, you know.


Martha: She spoke with him clearly, honestly. She didn’t hold back. All those elements made him trust her.


Kristin: Getting back to the gym, that’s a terrific goal. And you really created it yourself.


Harold: She’s one of my best friends. You have your health insurance with a company that cares. And that’s what they proved to me.


Kristin: You’re able to figure out what really motivates the member. And then, in helping them meet their goals, it’s very satisfying.


Harold: I’m back in the gym. My outlook now is rosy. I really appreciate life. *



*Paid actor portrayal, illustrative of one member’s experience.




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