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Transcript:  Understanding Medicare Star Ratings Video


Kitchen Table Talk:
Understanding Medicare Star Ratings with Alan Roberts, Vice President of Star Ratings for Aetna Medicare

For me, the idea of quality health care means being able to give individuals the care they need, when they need it, at the right location.


Aetna’s mission and vision is to help our members lead healthier lives, and so the Star Ratings are a set of quality measures that really fit in very nicely to that mission.


What are Star Ratings?


Star Ratings allow consumers to look across Medicare health plans on a consistent, transparent basis. The government reports on and creates Star Ratings once a year, and those ratings are released right before the Annual Enrollment Period ever year.


Star Ratings are built on a 1 through 5-star scale, such as hotel ratings or restaurant ratings.


How Star Ratings can help consumers choose a Medicare plan


Consumers should really start with understanding what health care means to them. Do they have certain physicians that they see regularly? Do they have certain prescription drugs to manage their conditions? Those should be key inputs into their decision for the right plan for them. Once they’ve identified those unique plans, Star Ratings can help them understand which one will truly give them the best care and outcomes.


Consumers can go on the website and enter in their ZIP code and the website will pull up all of the different plans available to them. And right there they’ll be able to see the unique Star Ratings of each plan.


Member experience: a key component of Star Ratings


For some individuals, just knowing that the plan service is there to support them when they have questions or may have health care needs is an important indicator of quality.


Jennifer Allen, Aetna Field Case Manager, DNP-PHNL, RN


At Aetna, I’m a field case manager. I’m on the front line with the members. I’m able to visit them in their homes, speak to them on a personal level, and I really get to know them and know what they need.


A home visit is a wonderful opportunity to be able to observe a member in their own environment, uh, you can see the food they eat and the way that they walk around their house and if they need, um, either a device to help them walk or medication.


One of the most positive things with my position here at Aetna is uh, having the one-on-one connection.


What our members are saying


Janice and Mary are great examples of how Aetna can provide a positive experience to members in many different ways.


Janice Grek


Aetna Medicare Advantage member since June, 2016


We were happy to choose Aetna. We can choose our doctors. One of our doctors retired and it was time to, uh, choose another one just a couple of months ago. And so we were able to find a doctor that we liked very much.


Mary Turner 


Aetna member for years, Aetna Medicare Advantage member since January, 2017


The doctors are great. They’ve really been very sensitive, very thoughtful. They take care of me real well. Everybody I’ve ever talked to with Aetna has always helped me.


Can I show you my drinking cup? Aetna is really good. I always take this everywhere I go and I let people see that I’ve got Aetna insurance.”


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Aetna Medicare is a PDP, HMO, PPO plan with a Medicare contract. Our SNPs also have contracts with State Medicaid programs. Enrollment in our plans depends on contract renewal.

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